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Welcome to Spotless Cleaning Services

We are locally owned and operated business in Louisiana. We have highly screened, trained, and experienced personal. Spotless Cleaning is committed to excellence and continues to be an outstanding business in Greater New Orleans area. Spotless Cleaning prides itself on an outstanding record of quality cleaning service and our experience is a demonstration to the level of service and quality you’ll get when you choose Spotless Cleaning, for your cleaning needs.

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We learn your needs quickly Why People Choose Us

  • Spotless Cleaning Solutions is reliable and consistent.
  • We look out for your health with green cleaning.
  • We take pride in customer service.
  • Spotless Cleaning Solutions screens, trains and certifies every professional cleaner.
  • We use tested and proven cleaning methods and use HEPA filtration system vacuums. These machines can capture up to 99 percent of bacteria, pollen, allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants
  • Spotless Cleaning Solutions has established standard house cleaning procedures – every professional team, every cleaning.
  • Complies with federal, state and local labor and tax laws and carries adequate insurance.
  • Spotless Cleaning Solutions brings our own green maid service equipment and supplies.